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Taurus the Bull is known for This Lunation focuses on your will, desires, finances, physical body and culminations with finances and resources. The conscious quality of Taurus represents one's spiritual will and manifestation ability. Buddha, a Taurus, taught detachment from desire principles and the ability to transmute egoic desire into Spiritual Will.

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I frequently ponder, as the Saturn Pluto conjunction heats up and serves up more crazy conflict in our decaying and corrupt structures, what enlightened and altruistic for the good of the whole leadership could look like. That is what humanity is facing now. Chris Hedges was a columnist for the New York Times. When he began writing anti-war articles he was fired. War makes a lot of money for the corporations - these entities that own the media only 6 companies now.

I am also opening up the channeled Live Stream to all Patrons on Thursday, December 5th - where you can chat Live with your questions. Venus and Jupiter are in conjunction little more than a degree apart. They are conjunct the Galactic Center 27 degrees Sagittarius - the rotational center of the Milky Way galaxy, our planet's home galaxy. The GC is viewed as a homing device of wisdom and higher knowledge. You may connect with wise insights during your meditation practice. Try to catch them before the sky fades to black. The sight of the two brightest planets, side-by-side, surrounded by twilight blue is out of this world.

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  • December videos www. If you feel you've been in a holding pattern and processing situations from the past - good! Slow downs are necessary and appropriate. Mercury stations direct today at p. EST where it's been retrograde since October 31st. It moves past this station period when technical and electrical systems are more erratic , the "storm" passage on Friday.

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    You head into a more engaged and buoyant energy this weekend. How the changing media business model is deepening the anger and division in the country. And, why podcast and independent news outlets are the future for news and in-depth discussion. Exact at a. EST making a harmonious trine to the "wounds create wisdom" planet Chiron.

    Mercury stations direct on the 20th.

    In Scorpio you also want to look at Pluto's natal position and also where it's transiting in your chart as to what is coming back in for completions and closures. Also had him set the hot water temp higher due to the colder temps here in Virginia. Luna is getting stronger but still on restricted activity until the end of the month. Next best thing to playing? Study with me in Virginia Beach and learn my unique take on birth mapping and personal evolution. Developed over a 15 year period of coaching and client sessions numbering well into the 2,'s I've synthesized a unique and uplifting process that takes us out of the "hapless victim," and "life happens to you" modality of astrology interpretation.

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    This is an intimate class of 10 participants beginning January 9th and re-occurring every other Thursday for a total of 6 class sessions. Exact November 8th Oct. This a good time for achieving success in your creative and spiritual pursuits as you have just the right mix between discipline and creativity.

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    • Home Services expand. EST highlights culminations in earnings, self-respect and your value system.

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